Picnics for the inhabitants of the Kwidzyn Poviat

Six Health Picnics for the inhabitants of the Kwidzyn Poviat were organised in September within the project entitled ''Equal in health – prevention and early detection of cancers as well as health promotion in the Poviat of Kwidzyn".

Sadlinki, Gardeja, Nowy Dwór Kwidzyński, Prabuty, Ryjewo as well as Kwidzyn were the hosts of the events. The Picnics were really interesting for the inhabitants of the communes.

Medical Point was available during each picnic and every participant had the opportunity to check the level of sugar in blood, control the blood pressure as well as perform spirometry test. The persons who underwent the examinations and their results were abnormal subsequently they received blood pressure monitor and/or glucose meter so as to carry out the measurements on their own at home.

The attractions for the children were also provided (inflatable toys such as: sidle, trampoline, euro-bungee, climbing wall, table football), art space, tables with toy bricks, accuracy goal and many more. The participants of various contests received attractive prizes.

During the Health Picnic the inhabitants of the Kwidzyn Poviat were able to fill in the questionnaire form qualifying to the participation of the Project which at the same time gives the opportunity to benefit from the free-of-charge preventive examinations.