About the project

The project entitled ’’Equal in health – prevention and early detection of cancers as well as health promotion in the Poviat of Kwidzyn” co-financed by Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and state budget within Programme PL 13 Reducing social inequalities in health

Information concerning the project:

The superior aim of the project, which corresponds to the aim of Programme PL 13 Reducing social inequalities in health, is the improvement of public health and reduction of social inequalities in health in the area of the Poviat of Kwidzyn. The main aim is the reduction of incidence rate for lifestyle related diseases in the area of Kwidzyn Poviat. The identification of needs indicated that particularly the reduction of incidence rate for lung cancers and cervical cancer should be included in the construction of complex preventive programmes in the functional area of the project. The detailed aims of the project are as follows:

  1. The implementation of health promotion programme resulting with the decrease in incidence rate for lung cancers and cervical cancer:
    • The promotion of prohealth behaviours emphasising the harmfulness of cigarette smoke and the methods of quitting tobacco
    • The promotion of healthy eating habits and changing current ones
    • Awareness raising of the significance of preventive medicine examinations
  1. The implementation of prevention medicine programme concerning lung cancers and cervical cancer:
    • Preventive medical examination dedicated to lung cancers and cervical cancer
    • Preventive vaccinations against HPV

The measurable effects of the project are shown in Table no. 1. Pyramidal structure of intervention has been adopted in which the major part of population will be included in the activities promoting health. It has been estimated that promotional announcements will reach to the general part of local community through vast channels of communication however, active participation in the activities will apply to c. 30% of Poviat population. 7% of Poviat population will be included in direct preventive activities with at least one medical interaction. The adopted aims expressed in the indicators will be implemented successively mainly in 2015 and partly in 2016 and will be accompanied by systematical monitoring of project implementation and the assessment of probability concerning the achievement of predicted target values. The project will generate following multiplier effects:

  • An epidemiological report regarding lung and cervical cancers as well as combined and lifestyle related diseases for the population of Kwidzyn Poviat will be prepared with the use of questionnaires (medical history); the report will be delivered to various institutions such as Sanitary- Epidemiological Stations for Poviat and Voivodeship, Pomeranian Voivodeship Department of National Health Fund as well as regional institutions of higher education in order to improve the planning of sanitary and health activities or better management of contracts in public health system or for medical purposes.
  • Planned trainings of General Practitioners and other medical staff in the field of cancers will be the channel of specialised knowledge transfer, such knowledge will be used in the activities provided by General Practices including the conduction of preventive medicine programmes in public health system
  • Planned workshops for teachers (sexual behaviours of the youth – awareness raising and preparation) will be the channel of knowledge and competence transfer aimed at the representatives of pedagogical staff who will use the acquired skills in practice when working with the youth, parents and legal guardians
  • Parents will be informed at informative-medical meetings about basic knowledge concerning various ways of talking to children in the area of sexual education so as to use the knowledge in the future
  • The knowledge generated by the project will allow to plan aimed informative actions and preventive programmes in following years without using also financial sources in the area of intervention not corresponding to the needs of poviat population
  • The website of the project will be held after the period of project implementation and will be transformed into Health Portal of Poviat informing about current preventive medicine programmes, medical institutions, epidemiological threats, etc.