The Commune of Ryjewo – is the first commune in which we will start questionnaire survey

One of the preventive activities of the Project “Equal in health – prevention and early detection of cancer as well as health promotion in the Poviat of Kwidzyn” co-financed by Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and state budget within Programme PL 13 Reducing social inequalities in health is the conduction of questionnaire survey in the communes of Kwidzyn Poviat.

The questionnaires will constitute a medical history in the field of lung cancers and cervical cancers and persons exposed to the impact of risk factors will be selected on this basis for further diagnostics. Questionnaire survey will be conducted by pollsters. The first commune in which the pollsters start  will be the Commune of Ryjewo. The planned date of the beginning of activities – 25th May, 2015.