Article from Conference inaugurating the project

They want to fight with cancers in the Poviat of Kwidzyn Hundreds of residents will be examined.

Poviat. The representatives of local governments from the entire Poviat, representatives of educational institutions as well as medical specialists participated in the conference inaugurating the beginning of project implementation "Equal in health - prevention and early detection of cancer as well as health promotion in the Poviat of Kwidzyn". Local government of the poviat acquired over 3.1 m PLN for its implementation. The aim of the project is the reduction of incidence rate to malignant tumours of the lung and bronchus as well as cervical cancer.

Preventive examinations will be performed i.a. to persons who are not included in health insurance. Moreover, within the frameworks of the project girls will be vaccinated against human papillomavirus which causes cervical cancer.

The health of inhabitants is not that good
The starost of Kwidzyn poviat claims that acquiring money grant wasn't simple. -The Ministry of Health indicated 160 poviats which qualified to the project of this type. Only 27 of them received the possibility of implementation. I don’t want to conceal that we commissioned professional company to prepare the project. Nowadays, projects of this type have to be prepared professionally - claims Jerzy Godzik. The Starost adds that the grant acquired is really abundant and so far such amount of money was not allocated to prevention. However he hopes that it is not a last project of this type which will be carried out. - Of course, such districts were designated for project implementation for the project in which the health situation of their inhabitants is not that good. Unfortunately, our poviat is not a poviat in which the health of residents is the best. I hope that this project and this prevention will cause that this condition will improve. I think that the project won't end along with last funds acquired and financial settlement with the ministry. Certain elements will be continued. We want to change behaviours of the society which cause that in respect of health our poviat in the future will be better and better.

The inhabitants of rural areas are the main addressee
The preventive program will be implemented up to April 2016. Anna Skrabalak, project manager, explains that the project is directed to residents from rural areas including the person without health insurance above all. - Residents of these areas have the most limited access to Health Service. Many of them are unemployed who very often don't have health insurance on the account of employment. They do not benefit from other preventive examinations which are organised by National Health Fund or otherorganisations which can be provided to the insured persons - Anna Skrabalak claims. Project manager explains that preventive examinations concerning the detection of lung and bronchial cancers will apply to both women and men of age from 35 up to 70 years who smoke at least one packet of cigarettes per day for the period of 20 years and persons who are exposed to pulmonary diseases due to the work performed . It regards persons who usually have contact with i.a. asbestos. This group will be chosen based on the questionnaire survey.

Abundant preventive program
Anna Skrabalak announces also preventive examinations conducted in terms of cervical cancer detection. Two thousand of women will be included in laboratory analyses (morphology with smear). Depending on the result, women will be referred to another examinations. Also women who do not have health insurance will be able to take advantage of the examinations. Moreover, vaccinations against human papillomavirus which causes cervical cancer were planned as a part of the preventive programme. All girls of age from 11 up to 13 years will be included in the programme. Persons implementing the programme are going to conduct wide promotion of health. I.a. 6 outdoor picnics were planned during which the effects of taking addictive substances such as nicotine will be shown to residents. Workshops of different kind concerning the prevention and conscious and safe sexual behaviors will take place in all upper secondary schools. The informative campaign is supposed to reach also workplaces. What is more, an action will be organised "2015 - the year of healthy lungs in the Poviat of Kwidzyn". The action will be accompanied by a contest for students in schools connected with informative campaign. These are only some of the elements of the rich preventive program which is supposed not only to improve the health condition of poviat residents but also to realise how important is health prevention.


Starost - Jerzy Godzik emphasises that acquiring grant wasn't simple. The Ministry of Health indicated 160 poviats which qualified to the project . Only 27 obtained the support.



Anna Skrabalak, project manager, explains that the project concerns above all the residents from rural areas including persons without health insurance.



The inaugurative conference was held in “Resursa” restaurant.