Financial sources granted for the implementation of the project

On 10th of December 2014, The Minister of Health, who helds the role of Programme Operator, granted the Poviat of Kwidzyn with financial sources for the implementation of the project entitled – ‘’Equal in health – prevention and early detection of cancers as well as health promotion in the Poviat of Kwidzyn” in the total amount of 3 150 208 PLN

of which 2 677 676,80 PLN come from Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and 472 531,20 PLN as a form of co-financing ensured by the Programme Operator (the Minister of Health).

General characteristics of the co-financing:

Total eligible costs – 3 150 208 PLN

Total value of the project - 3 150 208 PLN

The level of co-financing provided by Norwegian Financial Mechanism equals 85% of total eligible costs, i.e. 2 677 676,80 PLN however, the level of co-financing provided by the Programme Operator (the Minister of Health) equals 15% of total eligible costs, i.e. 472 531,20 PLN.

The aims of the project:

The aim of the project is the improvement of public health and the reduction of social inequalities in health as well as the decrease in incidence rate for lifestyle related diseases in the area of the Poviat of Kwidzyn. The project is aimed at persons directly jeopardised of suffering from lung cancer and cervical cancer as well as at general population of Poviat within health promotion and healthy lifestyle. The project contributes to the improvement of mortality rate for cancers as it concentrates on preventive treatment of the diseases influencing the rate mentioned above for which the preventive medical examinations are not provided by the state or their range is not sufficient. An epidemiological report will be created within the implementation of the project, major part of population will be subjected to screening examinations and/or will take part in the programmes concerning health promotion.