Workshops for the students of upper secondary schools

Workshops for the students of upper secondary schools in Kwidzyn and Prabuty were held from 26th to 28th October 2015 within the frameworks of project implementation entitled "Equal in health - the prevention and early detection of cancers and the promotion of health in the Poviat of Kwidzyn".

The main subject of workshops concerned the prevention of reproductive organs illnesses as well as conscious and safe sexual behaviours.

The lectures aimed at reducing the appearance of risk factors, mainly towards girls of upper secondar age, including intimate hygiene, the limitation of risky sexual behaviors as well as the application of contraceptive methods and the significance of the prevention within reproductive organs illnesses.

Over 700 students of Kwidzyn Poviat schools participated in the prelections which were conducted by experienced coaches: Małgorzata Rzymyszkiewicz and Jacek Topolski.